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Wednesday, October 24, 2007 the BIGGEST SPAMMER

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Comparison - the human basic nature! » - the biggest SPAM?
I’m not sure if you have heard of yet another social networking site . May the following figures enlighten you about it a bit.
Company Info: [As per whois of domain]
Axill Europe Ltd
Quay House, 2 Admirals Way, Marsh WallLondon , E149XG, UK
Phone: 44(0)20 7190 3353 fax: 44(0)20 7190
Worldwide Ranking: 2251
[Source: ]
India Rank: 34
[Source:〈=none ]
At Launch : Priyanka Chopra [Youtube Video source: ] At Taj.
So from above figures you can make out that it is a rocking site, having quite huge traffic. Now ever wondered how they probably be doing marketing of the site? Can you believe if I tell you that is one of the BIGGEST SPAMMERS? Well, the below research of mine might help you understand this.
If you’re a member at, login there and go to any category [mostly sex, relationship related category], there you will observe some posts like below:
Hot Video of Nude Actress Ravina Tempting for Sex
Open any of the post from above, and you will see message something like below:
“Hot Video of Nude Actress Ravina Tempting for SexHI Friends….,Amaging Hot Video of Nude Actress Ravina Tempting for Sex With * Star in Hotel Room …Don’t Miss This Is A Real Spy Video Ever Seen…..Here is the Link :: (Copy and paste the Link in Browser)Just Sign up It Takes 1 min and watch the video. There r so many Hot Videos. Its FreeWarning: Below 18yrs Don’t See ”
which obviously is posted by some girl name, which is a fake profile created only for the purpose of spamming. Now, open the above link and see which page you reach. Yes, you will be taken to some page of
Now, can you guess the amount of posting of such messages in various orkut communities? Well, they do start it right from morning say 09:00 a.m. (or early) and it goes on still evening 08:30 p.m. [Well, so far I have noticed this time as I leave my office at 08:30, so they may be posting then after too, but hasn’t checked it].
And the interesting part is, they are using all the abused words like “Sania Mirza MMS”, “Girl Repped in Apartment”, “Nude Clips of College Girls”. See the below subjects of their posts at orkut which I have taken from a community named “Want Sex” [ ]
10th student press a mteacher boobs in bus [Reply]
4:21 PM
And you can see that all the fake profile names are of female. So now just wonder that having Orkut lacks of visitors a day, how many visitors be having by such HUGE SPAMMING? I think, more than 10000 at least, if not more.
They are using Short URL service of website, which gives a short URL for the long URL, so what they are doing is, they are getting such short URL as “” for their long URL of
What my question is, is that worthy enough for such a website to do this kind of spamming? And how come Orkut hasn’t noticed it? Why Orkut hasn’t taken any steps against them so far? This is insane spamming, I must say. I mean, anytime of the day, in any community what all you find is such crap messages of That is truly a pathetic way of fetching visitors to own website.
But still, there may be another possibility behind this huge spamming. pays you for the number of Impressions you generate to their site. So perhaps, some other guys be dong such huge spamming to earn with but this is not what I can believe, because it’s a tough job and no one would do this much of work to earn few dollars a day. But who knows, earth is full of beggars so some people in group might be doing this.
And secondly, what feeling I have is, they’re using some ‘ready-made’ software for Spamming, that they put a common message in that software and it gets posted in all the communities they have joined with that particular fake profile. And it has got more chances, because those who are doing such huge spamming, can not be small guys, they can do it all what it takes to do such huge spamming.
So far, I have observed such spamming of only at Orkut, hasn’t seen it anywhere else, so cant’ say in that way, but this is truly insane. I mean, if some spammers do such things, we can understand that, but a popular site like can do it, it is just insane.
Well, here I’m not saying that it’s who is after such spamming, there may be those guys too who want to earn with it, so here we got two possibilities, either 1. themselves or 2. Those guys who want to earn with, but in both ways, it’s who loses their credibility by Spamming making use of all those porn, sexual, abusive words.
I mean, they have the symbol of Taj Mahal on their homepage, and spamming is done

Thursday, October 11, 2007


Listen FM free online using GTalk
September 23, 2007 in GoogleTalk
Listening online FM is easy. All you need is to use GTalk. Though you can use it via other messenger too but here we will talk about gTalk only.
Listen online FM free (FM on Computer) Hindi, english, punjabi and lots more fm channel / radio station
This is done using Gtalk2Voip, it is a free and publicly open voice gateway for major Instant Messenger clients.
Steps to listen to any channel listed below:
1. Sign in your Google Talk application.2. Add this ID in your Google Talk, when you will first add then you will get following screen with some welcome messages.3. Now add another ID with radio station ID Here 110 is ID for hindi FM station Teen Taal.4. Now make call to, once connected enjoy hindi songs are random. Once connected you will listen music in few seconds.
Similarly you can add other channels too, all you need is to add
LIST OF AVAILABLE RADIO STATIONS / Channels:100 - - Kickin’ Country (Todays Best Country!), - 1.FM - Country, - Atlantic Sound Factory - ASF Radio, - 100.7 Jack FM, San Diego, - 102.7 FM The Fringe, - - The Buzz (Your Alternative Station!), - - The Mix Channel (70s, 80s, 90s and Today’s Best Music) , - - The Eagle (Your Home For REAL Classic Rock!), - .977 The 80s Channel, - 1.FM - Channel X, Teen Taal Radio (HINDI), - Radio Helsinki - 92.6 MHz, - KCRW World News, - Sporting News Radio, - KPFK - Southern California’s 90.7 FM News, Talk & Music, - WBUR 90.9 FM, Boston’s NPR News Station,

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